Important Regulatory Notice

Any licensing, registration, communication, presentation, document, information or any other content contained in, or through, this mobile application (“App”) does not constitute any offer, invitation or inducement by Teathers Financial Software Limited, or its parent company, Teathers Financial PLC, or any other subsidiary from time to time of the Teathers Group (collectively the “Teathers Group”), to you or any other person to engage in any investment activity whatsoever.

You acknowledge and agree that the App provides a mechanism for you to connect to a broker (the “Service Provider”), which is an entity acting under the authorisation and regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). The purpose of the App is to provide this platform for Service Providers to identify individuals who may wish to connect to, or otherwise engage with the relevant Service Provider in relation to any prospective communication, invitation and/or inducement to engage in any investment activities (the “Service(s)”).

The monetary aspect for the use of the Services, for the adding of funds to your account, shall be provided by a financial intermediary (the “Financial Service Provider”).
You acknowledge and agree that Teathers Group is not responsible for and has no control over the content, selection or modification of any communication contained in, or through the App relating to any invitation or inducement to engage in:
• the Service(s); or
• the transfer of any monies in respect of the Services.

Teathers Group does not undertake any regulated activities and the App only operates as a mere conduit to enable you to connect to, or otherwise engage with, the Service Provider or the Financial Services Provider.

You acknowledge and agree that any branding on this App that identifies the Teathers Group or its members relates to the development of this App only and not to supply of the Services made available by the Service Provider or obtained through the use of the App. Teathers Group does not, in any way, endorse, promote or encourage any person to respond to any of the Services made available by this App or makes any actual or implied statement or representation in connection to such Services.