Proactive interview David Lenigas on LeniGas Cuba and his experience raising funds through the Teathers App

Proactive Interview: David Lenigas CLICK HERE TO WATCH

The Teathers App successfully filled its allocation by providing retail investors with a commission free offer to participate in the LeniGas Cuba IPO through stockbroking firm Shard.

This was the first investment offered over the mobile phone platform and MD of TFSL said on twitter:

Oliver Fattal ‏@olifattal
Oliver Fattal Retweeted teathersapp
Great news for private investors. And well done to @ShardCapital and @DavidLenigas concept has been proven.

David Lenigas said on twitter:

david lenigas ‏@DavidLenigas 14 hrs14 hours ago
@teathersapp @ShardSB @jkd7477 @olifattal It was a pleasure testing the Teathers App for the first time. Job 100% successful. Well done.

LeniGas Cuba IPO

Leni Gas Cuba is the latest venture set up by the CEO David Lenigas to invest into companies/assets in Cuba.

With the recent news that Cuba has re-opened its embassy in Washington and that a diplomatic relationship between the two has been restored, some companies are considering Cuba ‘open for business’ again.

LGC is intending to become a diversified investment company with assets in; Oil and Gas, Agriculture, manufacturing, industrial, transport and logistics, biotech, construction, utilities, business services, support services, retail, and/or tourism sectors.

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