Insider Notice

Warning and Undertaking

I hereby acknowledge and agree that some or all of the information that Shard, its officers, employees, consultants, partners or agents disclose to you concerning securities may be inside information for the purposes of the Criminal Justice Act 1993 (“CJA”) and I will not deal in securities that are price-affected securities (as defined in CJA, including the company’s securities), encourage another person to deal in securities that are price affected securities or disclose inside information other than as permitted by the CJA until such information is made public. Breach of such provisions is a criminal offence punishable by up to seven years imprisonment. Accordingly, I hereby agree to be placed on Shard’s insider list in respect of such relevant company’s securities;

You will not base any behaviour in relation to the confidential information provided on the company (the company’s shares are investments which are qualifying investments as defined in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) and the Code of Market Conduct made pursuant to FSMA) where such behaviour would amount to market abuse for the purposes of FSMA. Breach of such provisions can result in you receiving censure and an unlimited fine from the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

I am aware that market abuse can consist of

· Insider dealing
· Improper disclosure
· Misuse of information
· Manipulating transactions
· Manipulating devices
· Dissemination
· Misleading behaviour
· Distortion

The full Code of Market Conduct can be found HERE
I further agree that Shard may make me an insider when seeking to raise money for companies and in such circumstances I am aware of my responsibilities under law ad under the Code of Market Conduct. I am also aware of the penalties I may suffer should I disclose or deal in relevant price affected securities or engage in market abuse.

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