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Teathers technology has been developed to revolutionise the way in which broker and fund raisers connect with private investors. By providing a platform that groups private investors, placings and IPOs can be offered at the same price per share as institutional investors receive.

In essence Teathers technology is equipping quoted companies, private investors and brokers with the ability match the usually discounted prices obtained by institutional investors when participating in quoted company placings.

Teathers technology powers an App which is downloadable on all major mobile platforms, providing private investors with equal opportunities through the use of technology.

Investor Channel & News

Investor Channel which showcases video and audio media outputs. This provides the user with access to insightful information about listed companies and investment topics. Content includes video and audio interviews from company directors, as well as general educational pieces from sectoral professionals. The use of video and audio enhances the users’ experience by informing them about companies’ business strategy and development in an easily digestible format. It also provides companies looking to raise capital with the ability to increase their profile and transparency by enabling users to access this visual information.

The News service allows the user to add any RSS feed they wish to read. We have cherry picked a few ourselves to get users started, but we have allowed the opportunity for this to be tailored for each user.

White label the App

Teathers technology/the App can be utilised by retail regulated brokers to reach out efficiently to their client base and offer private investors selected placings and IPOs. The App can be re-labelled to reflect a client company’s branding and offers public companies the certainty that allocations will be made available directly to private investors. All regulatory requirements are handled by the client company, with the design and implementation by the Teathers Financial Software Ltd team.

For more information contact one of the team at info@teathers.com


Teathers Financial Software Ltd providing technology to the City

White Labelling the Teathers App

Teathers technology is available for broking businesses to offer their client base IPOs and placings. The App, which is the first of its kind, will be personalised to incorporate the corporate branding (colours, logo, etc.) of the broking companies.

Application Building

The Teathers team have significant technical experience in building apps across a breadth of sectors. Teathers are able to manage all aspects of app construction, ensuring that the client’s business is fully represented in a manner consistent with its corporate strategy and branding.

Website Developement

Teathers have the tools and personnel to provide clients with a seamless website, which will be fully representative of the business and informative to users.

CRM System

Building Customer Relations Management systems involve understanding the business and how the relationships work.  Teathers is well placed to advice and utilise its technical software skills to produce a CRM system that is workable for non-technical people but improves customer relations.

Database Management

DBMS is a great way to understand clients and offer them a better service based on their needs. Teathers can produce DBMS, which will improve a company’s engagement with clients.

I.T. Consultancy

Teathers have the personnel to prescribe I.T solutions to aid corporate management of I.T system software. It is important to make sure software is synergistic, working together as one to enhance business performance. Teathers have the tools and solutions to make business more software controlled.

The Teathers App is a mobile application, designed to give private investors access to placements and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), predominantly on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The Teathers App is free to use and is available on iOS smartphone devices.

Benefits of the Teathers App for Retail Investors

The Teathers App is a free-to-use, execution-only service. Onboarded users of the Teathers App are able participate in placements and IPOs on the same terms as institutional investors. If a company offers additional financial incentives for participating in a placement or IPO (e.g. warrants), these too are included in deals offered to onboarded users. There are no dealing charges or commissions when buying shares in placements or IPOs through the Teathers App.

Benefits of offering deals through the Teathers App to Companies

By offering fundraisings through the Teathers App, companies benefit from broadening their reach to a wider audience of private investors thus increasing their ability to raise funds. The Teathers App also offers a low cost alternative to running an Open Offer, allowing companies to issue shares to existing shareholders as well as new private investors. This can help a great deal with strengthening investor relations while also improving sentiment, awareness and liquidity in the secondary market, as App customers naturally talk positively about the investments they have made.

Why Brokers should work with the Teathers App

The Teathers App presents a positive opportunity for brokers to improve their service offerings to corporate clients. For firms that already operate Private Client Broking (PCB) services, the Teathers App can help fill placements, offer supplementary fundraisings (such as Live Market Bookbuilds), or provide a branded white label version of its service. For those firms that do not offer PCB services to the retail market, the Teathers App can help fill that gap directly.

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