About Teathers Financial Plc

Our mission

Welcome to Teathers Financial Plc (“Teathers”).

Teathers is a former AIM-listed Plc.  It owns the Teathers App, a unique mobile application that gives private investors access to placements and IPOs on the London Stock Exchange (for more information please visit www.teathersapp.com).

The Board of Teathers is currently looking for an opportunity to reverse into the Company, so as to enable it to relist on the London Stock Exchange.  Teathers is a clean shell, and as a former listed Plc it should be straightforward to seek readmission to a publicly-traded exchange.    In addition to the App, Teathers has assets in the form of its stock portfolio, and benefits from a group of motivated retail shareholders who are keen to support a new opportunity through the Company.


Board of Directors

CEO – Matthew Benjamin (“Ben”) Turney is a shareholder activist and financial writer, with a specialist focus on the Alternative Investment Market. Ben has run a number of successful shareholder actions on AIM involving Bowleven, New World Oil & Gas and Teathers Financial. He has also advised numerous other investor-led shareholder action groups. Ben is also a Director of Technical Forecasting Ltd, a private business consultancy, and New World Oil & Gas.

Stuart Langelaan is well-established professional music producer and private investor, having been investing on AIM for the last 10 years. Stuart founded the Teathers Shareholder Group and quickly recruited over 150 members. Stuart is also a Director of his music production company, Lange Productions Ltd, and of Teathers Financial Software Ltd.


The Teathers App

About the Teathers App

The Teathers App is a unique mobile app, designed to give private investors access to placements and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), predominantly on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM). There are currently 982 companies listed on AIM. During the course of 2016 these companies raised £3.66 billion in secondary fundraisings (placements) (DATA: AIM Statistics to end Dec. 2016).

The Teathers App is an execution-only platform. When an AIM-listed company raises money, “onboarded” users of the Teathers App have the opportunity to participate in the placement on the same terms as other insiders.


Becoming an onboarded user of the Teathers App
Only onboarded users can participate in deals offered through the Teathers App.

Becoming an onboarded user of the Teathers App is simple. Download the App from the App Store and complete the account application process. By completing the onboarding process, users of the Teathers App set up an execution only brokerage account with Shard Capital.

Shard Capital is the FCA-regulated broker supporting the Teathers App and provides the necessary environment, including compliance oversight and client identification.

The Teathers App is available for free download for iOS smartphone devices from the iTunes App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/teathers/id973433084). An Android version of the Teathers App will be released in Google Play in early Q2 2017