Please check out the list below for frequently asked questions.

Why does Android ask me for permissions for Identity/ Phone Id and Call information also Photos/Media/Files

Identity/ Phone Id and Call information
Teathers has a built in alert system to notify the users of specific events. In order for this system to work, the phone needs to be registered in Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) system.

Teathers has a helpdesk integrated system (Zendesk) that allows to send attachment files hence the need to access stored files.

How do I sell my shares?

Trades are executed via Shard’s telephone dealing service on the number below.

Commission on sales is charged at 1% with a £20.00 minimum.

If you have any queries please contact a member of the team via email, teathers@shardcapital.com or phone 0207 186 9969.

How do I add funds to my Shard account to trade IPOs and placings

Please activate your Shard online access with your here. Note this is for viewing your portfolio only.

In order to participate in placings or IPOs via the Teathers app you must have cleared funds on your account. This can be done as a debit card payment via your Shard online access (once activated). Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer using the details below:

GBP Payments
National Westminster Bank Plc,
89 Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. TN1 1QJ

Account Name: Jarvis Investment Management plc Client a/c
Sort code: 557013
Account a/c no: 78322936
Reference: 123

Alternatively you can do this on the app by clicking on your TEA balance within the IPO or placing screen and follow the instructions.

What deals can I expect to see on the app?

Placings that are offered through our App are those that have fulfilled Shard’s criteria of:

1. The placing is commission free to the client due to a rebate being received from the company.
2. The placing has been fully subscribed.

Please note:

In the event of a scale back, client orders will be scaled back in the same proportion and excess money returned.

Can I ask for advice?

No. This is an execution only service. Which means Shard can bring you all the deals directly to your phone that meet their criteria.

This means you decide what to invest in and how much, knowing there is no commission to pay on your orders and you can invest once you have digested the offering.

Do I need onboard?

If you want access to placings and IPOs then you will need to onboard which usually takes a few hours to get you into the deal room.

Do I need to pay for this service?

The App is free to download and use. Purchase of Placings or IPOs offered through the App is free of any commission or charges. If you wish to sell the shares of transfer them to another broker there are charges associated with this.

Can I use the shard account created by Onboarding on the Teathers App for other trading activities?

Yes, you can use your Broker account to trade other stocks, not just those offered through the Teathers App (subject to Shard charges and terms)

How do I withdrawal Funds?

You can call us on 0207 186 9969 or email us at teathers@shardcapital.com, and we will arrange a transfer via BACS to the bank account details associated with your account. Please allow two to three working days for the money to reach your bank account.

Debit Card Refund Policy

In the event that we have to make a refund, this will only be made back to the debit card that the original payment was made from.