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Name: Big Sofa Limited
Public Description: Technology
Private Short Description: Big Sofa Reverse IPO – Placing at 17p.
Code TBA – Reverse IPO at 17p
Big Sofa Technologies is a b2b technology company providing video analytics at an enterprise level. Its proprietary, cloud-based analytics platform enables users to ingest, manage, search and perform detailed analysis on the content of any video, from any device, across any spoken language.

Big Sofa’s current office and head office is based in London. The main country of operation is the U.K.
Admission is being sought following completion of the reverse takeover of unlisted HubCo Investments plc.

Amount of new monies to be raised on Admission : c£6.1 million, comprising £5.0 million in a placing, c£1.1 million in a subscription;
Market Capitalisation on Admission of c £9.5 million based on the placing price of £0.17 per new ordinary share.

Stock Specific Risks

  1. The company is very early stage and there is no certainty of success.
  2. The company operates in a competitive environment. There is no guarantee the company’s services will remain competitive which may lead to a decrease in revenue.
  3. New technology may be developed that’s ultimately supersedes Big Sofa’s offering. This would have a negative impact on their viability.
  4. The company is listed on AIM and so should be regarded as very high risk. You have a significant risk of losing all the money you invest here.

Important Company Information

AIM Schedule 1
Web address for the company news:

If you are buying outside of market size this may prevent you from selling the shares at market price.

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