Deal KAV

Kavango Resources – Raised £100,000

Kavango Resources Plc (“Kavango” or the “Company”) is seeking an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) on the Standard List segment of the London Stock Exchange (the “Standard List”). As part of its IPO, Kavango is seeking to raise up to £2.1m … Read More

Deal STI

Stratex International – Raised £150,000

Stratex (“Stratex” or the “Company”), the AIM-quoted gold-focused exploration and development company in Turkey and Africa is pleased to announce that, further to the announcement released by the Company dated 12 June 2018 (the ‘Placing Announcement’), it has successfully raised … Read More


Ananda Developments – Raised £89,000

The founders (the “Board”) have identified an opportunity to list a medicinal cannabis focused investment company, Ananda Developments plc (“Ananda” or the “Company”) on the NEX Exchange (“NEX”). Ananda is seeking to raise £750,000 at 0.45p per share, as part … Read More